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Apply for Grant to study Practical Theology with Saint  Dukes Christian University UK


Vocational grants are available to those who need financial assistance in order to enable them to pursue their vocation in ministry, including to those in the early stages of exploring their calling to preach can apply for grant using this link


Grants can be used towards course fees and materials for

any recognised course that enables the applicant to explore or develop their

preaching skills.


Student Membership: We also offer a special discounted membership rate for students to Preach magazine (£12 per year for up to three years)


To apply for membership, go to:




Grant for Theological students who want to become teachers...

Visit the link below for more information on how to apply will


 Since funds are limited, the Foundation approves criteria for awards, which may be altered at its discretion from time to time. Broadly speaking, their goal is to raise the number and standard of qualified Religious Education and Home Economics teachers in schools and to support the development of education in these fields, whether at home or overseas.


The current criteria are summarised below. These will help applicants understand how applications are evaluated, and what kinds of application are more likely to succeed.


References here to Religious Education include Religious Studies and inter-faith studies.


Our new Grant application forms for 2020/21 are not yet ready but will be soon.


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